Orii Design is a jewellery brand founded by Stephanie Geracitano, who was born and raised in Canada. Each piece of jewellery is designed and handmade in her studio in Vancouver, British Columbia. Having a background in industrial design and sculpture, Stephanie creates wearable works of art in silver, bronze, gold and stone. Her artistic sensibilities were ingrained in her at a young age through observing her father sculpting in his studio.

Her work illuminates the beauty found in simplicity. It is basic enough to wear everyday, but is still unique enough in form to really stand out. It is simple and subtle, yet sophisticated and distinct. She values quality and her pieces are made to be long lasting.

Stephanie lives between the mountains and sea. She is enamored by her natural environment and the emotion it evokes. Many of her pieces use sculptural elements found in nature, mainly from geological formations such as glaciers, caves, canyons or waves. These elements are mixed with a contemporary architectural aesthetic. The dynamic forms suggest movement and transformative aspects of nature, such as the ever changing landscapes sculpted by the power of wind and water.




“Ori” has many meanings around the world…. 

shines like gold

my light


to be born or created

a rising star, river or sun