Simple elegance in sculptural form.

Orii wearable art is designed for the mindful woman with a love for minimalistic beauty. Distinct and memorable, Orii's creations take you on a journey through form, light and space, evoking a feeling of sensuality and fluidity. Each collectible heirloom is intuitively sculpted to emulate the rhythms and patterns of nature. Elements of wind, water and landscape convey movement as shapes morph into unique silhouettes at every angle.

Lose yourself in wonder and magic. Dream. Experience Orii.




My story

Creating art has been my passion since I was a child. I grew up observing my father sculpting and painting in his studio. I recall playing with his plasticine clay and falling in love with the magic of making something with my hands. Being rooted with artistic sensibilities at a young age shaped my life path of becoming a sculptor.

My passion led me to 8+ years of education including studies in sculpture and industrial design at Concordia University in Montreal. Following university, I furthered my studies with various silversmithing courses and worked for a reputable family business that specializes in custom jewelry design for 11 years.

Although I've been passionate about art and design all my life, it wasn't until my mother passed away 6 years ago that I realized creating was the only thing I wanted to do. During my healing process, making art became my therapy and journey into self-exploration, bringing me to a closer understanding of myself. Losing my mother was the driving force to live my life with more passion and purpose, and Orii Design was born.



Creativity is the pulse of life. And since I live between the mountains and sea, I am constantly reminded that nature is the most magnificent creator.

For as long as I can remember, I've been mesmerized by the dynamic movement and transformative aspects of the elements. Observing how wind and water shape the landscape into ever morphing structures inspires me to create and share natures artistry.

My approach to design is intuitive. Each piece I sculpt is an interpretation of geological formations such as glaciers, caves, canyons or waves. I mix these elements with a contemporary architectural aesthetic and forms that evoke a sense of movement and interplay of light.

My sculpture and industrial design background bring a unique perspective to the jewelry realm, resulting in innovative forms and construction. Using both traditional metalsmithing techniques with innovative computer technologies allow me to explore forms that are difficult to achieve through hand fabrication.

Custom designs are either created from scratch or re-imagined from existing pieces in my collection, such as adding gemstones or making alterations.



Orii aims to inspire you to live your own truth and express your individuality and beauty. Personified, Orii reflects back your inner light.

My creative process is done independently in my Vancouver studio, and I collaborate with local jewelers in the manufacturing of my jewelry. Every decision made is aligned with my core values to ensure that the environment is protected and that all people involved benefit from my jewellery. Maintaining healthy and supportive relationships with customers and collaborators is top priority.

To ensure the highest quality, each piece is made one at a time or in small batches using ethically sourced, recycled materials of gold, silver, bronze, wood and stone.







“Ori” has many meanings around the world…. 

shines like gold

my light


to be born or created

a rising star, river or sun